The Complete Biography of Vikrant Bhargava

When it comes to the influence he has had on the field of online gambling, he unquestionably lives up to the meaning of his given name, which translates to “powerful, courageous, and conqueror of the world.” Vikrant is well-known for his services to PartyGaming when he was acting as their marketing CEO. These efforts helped PartyGaming become successful.

He was instrumental in the establishment of, which represented a significant achievement for the corporation. Vikrant’s innovative marketing methods and unwavering commitment to providing excellent service to the company’s clients were major contributors to the business’s overall success. Despite the fact that Vikrant departed PartyGaming in 2006, the firm continues to uphold these ideals to this day.

In the Beginning

In the month of December in the year 1972, Vikrant Bhargava was born in Jaipur, India. Throughout his time in high school, Bhargava was always one of the best students in his class. His areas of academic strength were mathematics and physics.

First receiving his Bachelor of Technology degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi in the year 1994, Bhargava went on to become an electrical engineer. After that, he went on to study at the Indian Institute of Management in Calculatta, where he eventually graduated and went on to acquire a Postgraduate’s degree in management almost two years after that.

Before Bhargava started working in the gambling sector, he was a credit officer at Bank of America. In that role, he was responsible for managing credit risk for the corporate customers in his company. Before making the transition, he worked in the gaming industry. Additionally, he had a position in the business analysis department of British Gas, which is an energy company based in the United Kingdom.

Connection to the PartyGaming platform

Because Bhargava and Anurad Dikshit, a software engineer for PartyGaming, went to the same high school, he already had contacts to the firm. He sent his résumé to Dikshit, and she didn’t waste any time in vouching for him to Ruth Parasol, his supervisor. In the year 2000, he joined the PartyGaming team as their marketing director after accepting a job offer that she had extended to him.

After just one year, Bhargava was able to successfully create and was given the position of CEO of that division. Because of his extensive history in customer service from his past roles, he made it a priority to have an outstanding department that handled customer inquiries and complaints.
In addition to that, it was up to him to devise innovative strategies for the corporation to use in its marketing.

It was Bhargava’s idea to ask Hollywood celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Ben Affleck to participate in their marketing efforts by participating in a televised poker tournament that was sponsored by PartyGaming. Other celebrities that participated in the game were Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Garner. Their competitions were held on luxurious cruise ships, and they provided participants with the opportunity to win prizes worth more than one million dollars.
Each time one of these tournaments took held, there were close to 13 million people who watched it online.

Bhargava also concentrated on explaining the attractiveness of online gambling to his consumers. He said that, in contrast to traditional casinos with physical and mortar locations, internet gambling gives players the option to bet for minimal sums while remaining in the convenience of their own homes.

Additionally, he was instrumental in the establishment of, a virtual online casino, and, an online network for sports bettors, all of which contributed to the growth of the firm. At the beginning of 2006, Bhargava had the idea that it would be beneficial for the firm to provide several language versions of poker as well as more currency alternatives. He reasoned that this would allow the company to attract more clients from countries other than the United States.

It was almost as if Bhargava could see into the future, since later on the same year, the United States government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Because of this, PartyGaming was forced to discontinue servicing clients located in the United States, who had been their primary source of income up until that time.

After this statute was passed into law in May 2006, Bhargava resigned from his position at PartyGaming permanently with the intention of establishing Veddis Ventures. Bhargava is the man who started this new business, which is an independent investment firm that has its headquarters in London.






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